The Redfield Centre

The Redfield Centre is a wonderful course venue offering self-catering and catered accommodation for educational and leisure purposes, set within the grounds of Redfield Community.

* We offer accommodation for up to 23 people and can provide home made vegetarian catering for your group.

* We have recently added a beautiful classroom to our facilities, particularly well suited for yoga and meditation retreats.

* We are a friendly and human operation, offering reasonably priced accommodation and catering in a tranquil rural setting.

* Our organisational structure is an educational foundation. All income from the Redfield Centre is to provide local employment and to improve the facilities we have on offer.

If you are interested in hiring the Redfield Centre, please email us at

for more information please visit our website: Redfield Centre

Redfield Centre Gallery

The Redfield Centre

The entrance to the Redfield Centre and its courtyard.

The Classroom

The new classroom/ meeting facility.

The Centre in Winter

Winter days at Redfield Community can be very picturesque. The Redfield Centre is no exception. We have many species of birds nesting/living around the Centre.

The newly eco-renovated classroom

Yoga Retreats, the newly renovated classroom is the perfect space to host yoga retreats.

The PV array

The centre generates some of its own electricity thanks to the solar panels

Tea & Coffee

Tea and coffee facilities included when hiring the classroom facilities.

One of the bedrooms

One of the bedrooms within the centre, most of them were recently decorated. This is the last room to be finished.

The Lounge

This is the lounge / class room area, it is central as it has access to bedrooms, kitchen, dinning room and the Centre's back garden. It is being renovated at the moment.

The Compost Loo

The business end of the compost loo. As you can see, it is not messy and a common comment we usually hear is that people are surprised that there is hardly any smell.