All those questions you had in mind...

How do I visit Redfield Community?
There are so many ways to visit us at Redfield Community. Please have a look on our Visiting and Events page of the website. It also has our most up-to-date calendar with dates for visiting for the current year. Should you still have any questions, please use the correct email address that suits your question. All of our email addresses are on the contact web page.

How do I get there?
Redfield Community is located in Winslow,a beautiful village in the middle of the countryside. We are no more than half an hour from Milton Keynes, Aylesbury or Buckingham. Milton Keynes has the central Train station (with connections to London Euston). Aylesbury has a train station (with connections to London Marylebone). Buckingham have buses to Winslow coming from as far as Oxford and beyond.

Can I cycle to Redfield Community?
You most certainly can. You can cycle to Buckingham, Milton Keynes and Aylesbury. From any of these, you can pick and choose how and where you want to go. For a full list of possible routes from here, please have a look at Cycle-Route page found HERE

I am a wheelchair user, can I visit?
Yes you can. However, please keep in mind that this is an old house. It is not fully adapted for wheelchair access. So some parts of the house and the gardens will not be accessible.

What do I need to bring with me?
Lots of sense of humour. Wellies, waterproof clothing and sleeping bag is very useful. Pair of gloves to use in garden would be nice too. Lots of enthusiasm is much appreciated.

What sort of work would I be doing?
Generally, you will be helping with whatever we are doing. The work is so much varied. From simple weeding to animal husbandry, cooking, planting, composting all come to mind. Rest assured, we will never ask you to do something that we would not be doing ourselves. If there is something in particular that you do not want to do, please let us know.

I have special dietary needs?
We have a wide range of people living at Redfield Community. Veterinarians, Vegans, Dairy and Wheat intolerance. Please let us know BEFORE you arrive so that we can arrange something.

Can I just turn up at the door?
NO. And a big fat NO. No one would appreciate it if some stranger walked into their house. Please remember that this is where we live.

I am a Wwoofer, how long can I stay?
First of all, you have to be a member of Wwoof-UK. For Wwoofers who live in the UK, it is for a week initially (so that we get to know you and you get to know us). This could be extended, but keep in mind that everything here is by consensus so it will have to be discussed by the group. For Wwoofers from abroad, the initial period is a maximum of Two weeks, then it could be extended (again subject to consensus, availability etc.) Please see our Visiting and Events page on ways to visit Redfield Community.

We are a family, can I bring my children with me?
If you are a Wwoofer, both parents need to be members of Wwoof-UK. For other events, yes you can too. However, Please be aware that your children is your responsibility. One of the parents will have to be looking after them at all times. Single or lone parents need to discuss it with your Wwoof contact person. Please see our contacts page.

What is it like living here?
Same like any other household, only on a larger scale. We all live within the same house but we have our own space.

Do you share everything?
Yes and No. We share living in the house, responsibilities of the estate and so on. But we all have our own private space and we all work in some form.

While I am visiting,can I have a nose around the place?
All ground floor and land are communal. Upstairs are strictly private areas. No access unless you are invited please.

Is it a religious cult?
Far from it. We accept and tolerate people as humans regardless.

Do you own the house?
Yes we do. It is a housing Co-op and we pay rent to cover our expenditure.

How much rent do you pay?
It varies depending on how much space we occupy. It is considerably less than the average. However, this is a private matter that we don not like to discuss.

How do you make decisions?
Strictly by consensuses. Everyone has to agree.

Do you all get along?
Yes, and this is how it should be. We are all different, and we express clearly our feelings towards anything. One of the main ethos of Redfield Community is acceptance of others, so yes we get along and enjoy our differences.

Is Redfield Community alcohol/smoke friendly?/
Yes. Some of us brew our own wines/beers. Very experimental. Smoking is strictly not allowed in the house. Outside is OK though.

Do you produce your own food?
We seriously try our best. There are restrictions on space, weather that limit our productivity. Almost all our communal food is organic. If we are short of something, we buy it. But we are very aware of ethical buying so our suppliers are extensively researched.

I am very interested in Redfield Community and joining as a member, how do I go about it?
Currently, the house is full and no new members are accepted. But we accept interest in membership as things in life in general do change. The membership process itself is a long one. If you are interested, please email the membership person - details are on our contacts page.

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