Primarily Redfield is a home to a collection of people who have chosen to live and organise collectively and take on the stewardship of the house and surrounding land.

Redley Housing Cooperative is a mutually assured housing coop, meaning tenants are members and members are tenants. We share the responsibility for the day to day running, upkeep and management of this large house and gardens and agree to take this on as part of living here.

Rents are cheaper than market rates, but adult residents are expected to commit about 2 days their time each week into engaging with the communal decision-making and working on the various day-to-day tasks and activities that are required to keep the house, gardens and community ticking along.

Redfield is not a an organised institution but in order to run things we as members take on roles such secretary, treasurer, food account, visitor coordination etc, etc.

Here is a copy of the internal rules that have been around since the beginning of the community:

Primarily Redfield is a home to a collection of people who have chosen to live and organise collectively and take on the stewardship of this large house and surrounding land.

The membership process

Becoming members usually takes a number of regular visits over the course of a few months. We are primarily interested in how we might all get along in this large, shared, single household (with a lot going on) so regular visits are key.

The membership process involves first coming to visit on one or two of our organised visitor days, maintenance weeks or Wwoofing weekends. After a visit or two, once you have met all current members, you can write and apply to become a potential member.

Once accepted into the membership process, it normally takes 2-3 weekend visits by potential members, and then a two week stay, before membership is agreed. This is to give both potential members and existing members plenty of opportunity to explore what it would be like to live together.

As we live in close proximity to each other and share a lot of common space, our ability to get along together is probably the most important criteria looked for in new members. We make decisions by consensus, and membership is no different. This means that as long as everyone consents to further visits by people interested in becoming members they can come to visit again.

If you think you might be interested drop us an email at to introduce yourself and arrange to come on an initial visitor day or wwoofing weekend where we can start to get to know each other.

Current availability

We try to maintain a balance of age and gender. As such at the moment priority would be given to younger women and couples with kids.

There are currently three family sizes units plus one large room empty and we are actively looking for potential members. Email us at and come and check the place out…