Our Ethos

How we live together and engage with each other is an important part of life here at Redfield. ‘Our ethos’ outlines the individual and group responsibilities we take on within the collective culture we have chosen to live in.


I have chosen to make my home in a community therefore I aim to live communally.

I am supported by the work of others and I wish to live in a productive environment so I endeavour to contribute 16 hours a week to community work and responsibilities.

I aim to live sustainably so I will take care of the building, the land and the wider natural environment for the benefit of myself and others.


I wish to be treated with respect, so I have a responsibility to demonstrate respect for the feelings and needs of others as well as myself.

I want to have my contributions to the community respected and valued, so I have the responsibility to respect and value the contributions of others.


I want to be heard, so I have the responsibility to speak clearly and to listen carefully to others.

I acknowledge that there may be wider perspectives than my own and deeper issues than those immediately concerning me.

I wish to have good relationships with others and therefore endeavour to communicate respectfully at all times.

I will try to reconnect with anyone whom I feel out of harmony at the earliest opportunity.

I will take complaints and conflicts to persons with whom I can resolve them at the earliest opportunity and when needed make use of conflict resolution processes.


I want to be part of an effective, decisive and harmonious community, so I take responsibility to participate to the best of my ability in achieving consensus in community decisions and attending community meetings.

I wish to live in a community where decisions are made for the good of everyone, so I am responsible for respecting agreements made in meetings.

I take responsibility for finding a productive balance between my personal needs and the needs of the whole community.