The forest

Visiting Redfield

Redfield Community 2021 Events

September 6 – 12 Maintenance week and Logging

October 9 -11 Wwoof weekend

November 13 Visitor day

As a Wwoofer

(WWOOF = World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms). We have several wwoof weekends during the year, when we aim to make a big impact on a practical outdoor job, in the organic garden, woodland, orchard, field or outbuildings. We also take wwoofers for longer periods too. You must be a member of the WWOOF organisation. If you are already a member and want to put your name down, please email us either through the WWOOF website or directly.

Come on a Visitor Day

This is ideally for people wanting to find out more about communal life. A tour of the 17 acre estate, communal lunch and an opportunity to talk with community members is included and at a cost of £10 per person (just to cover our costs). Arrive between 10am and 11am, booking and payment is required in advance. If you are interested, please see dates below. Contact us to reserve a place and for instructions on payment.

Come on a Maintenance Week

Join us in our efforts to maintain our rambling Victorian mansion and grounds. Experience communal life, have fun and help get some much needed jobs done. No experience required. We request a £20 deposit which is 100% refundable if you attend or you let us know that you cannot make it at least a week ahead of your arrival day. This is only because we have a lot of interest for this event. Booking and payment is required in advance.